On April 15, 1995, Mobilcom’s security business took a significant turn with the membership of the Professional Security Alliance (PSA).

Some of the benefits that the Professional Security Alliance brings to Mobilcom are:

  • Member Quotes
  • Networking and Training
  • CO-OP Purchasing Power
  • Computer Programs
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing Support

In 1998, Mobilcom took another step in developing a Security Division. Mobilcom now has staff devoted to the design, installation and service of security equipment packages. Our Technical Staff have certifications in Electronics, Wireless Communications, Video Surveillance, and Access Control.

Mobilcom has a unique ability to package a number of products and services. This allows for a complete security package by a single vendor. One call for sales and service! Here are some of the services Mobilcom provides:

Video Surveillance

A complete line of high-performance, digital security/surveillance camera systems including large matrix systems and digital recording.

Wireless Networking

We can link your video and data from hard to reach locations and remote sites back to your local network quickly and at low cost.

Voice Recording

Provide a record of calls for replay, security review and quality assurance. Calls are stored digitally. Mobilcom can accomodate the basic multi-line system up to a sophisticated 911 center.

Access Control Systems

Customized access control systems to restrict unauthorized entry to your facility. State of the art technologies available are proximity, magnetic stripe, bio-metrics (hand geometry, fingerprint or iris scan).

Video/Audio Intercom Systems

Keep doors locked and identify visitors before authorizing them to enter your facility by implementing an intercom system.

Emergency Call Boxes

Provide an additional level of security to your campus or parking lot with both wired and wireless emergency call boxes.

Metal Detection

Handheld and walk-through metal detectors are available to augment your security plan.

Indentification Badges

Add another level of security to your business with identification badges. Badges can include photos, signatures, barcodes and more. This technology can also be printed directly to access control cards.

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