Two-way Communications

Communication provides an integral part of any overall security plan. Radio Systems are designed to fit short and long-range applications. FCC licensing assistance is available.

Microwave Backhauls

Faced with increased responsibilities and restricted budgets? Ask how a licensed microwave backhaul can replace costly T1 or internet service to provide real-time infrastructure monitoring, first responder communications, and high speed broadband connectivity.

Specialty Alarms

Customized alarm applications, such as machine or pump failure notification, and automatic on-site security personnel dispatch over two-way radios or alphanumeric pagers.

Radio Rental Fleet

A fleet of rental radios is ready for your special event or emergency. Short and long-term rentals are available.

We Have OEM Accessories For You!

Mobilcom carries an entire line of Motorola, Kenwood, and EFJohnson accessories for your Two-Way Radio needs including:

  • Batteries
  • Speaker Microphones
  • Headsets
  • Chargers
  • Automated Vehicle Location

…and many more.

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